Dalia Wittenberg

Dalia Wittenberg has been the UK Advisory Ivrit Teacher since July 2010 and the lead writer and content developer of the Ivritbeclick digital resource. Dalia is the Hebrew Coordinator and Ivrit Teacher of a Primary school in Redbridge; She has an MA in Religious Education from the University of London, Institute of Education and is a graduate of the Advance Diploma in Jewish Studies from Leo Baeck’s College DJE for whom she is also a tutor in their Foundation Course for Religion Schools’ Ivrit Teachers and the author of Leo Baeck College “Eizeh Keif” Ivrit programme for teaching in Primary schools. Dalia has over 25 years’ experience of teaching Ivrit to UK children in Sunday Schools and Primary School and also training Ivrit teachers. Dalia has a great passion for teaching Hebrew and strives to instil a positive attitude and love for the Hebrew language amongst the children.