Joint Statement on Antisemitic Chants at protests held outside of US Embassy in London

Following antisemitic chants at a protest outside of the US Embassy on Friday, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, CST and Jewish Leadership Council have released this joint statement.


"The ‘Khybar, Khybar’  chant heard and documented at Friday’s protest outside the US Embassy in London can only be interpreted as a call to incite violence against Jewish people. It is outrageous that these protesters thought that such a chant would be acceptable on the streets of London in 2017. That this comes in the context of a firebombing of a synagogue in Sweden and an attack on a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam only increases our concern. These acts are not criticisms of a decision by the US government but demonstrations of antisemitism."

"We welcome the condemnation by the protest organisers of this notorious Jihadi chant – which was clearly audible at the height of the demonstration -  but urge them to take action to ensure that such acts do not go unchallenged at their events in the future. We further call on all of those who addressed the rally to unequivocally condemn the chants and undertake not to support or organise any event at which such activity is tolerated in the future."


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Jewish Leadership Council, Board of Deputies and Jewish Women’s Aid to examine measures to protect every member of community against harassment

The Chief Executives of the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council and Jewish Women’s Aid have held a consultative meeting, to discuss the issue of sexual harassment in the Jewish community. We are now examining a suite of measures to ensure that every person in our community feels respected, secure and protected from harassment.

The Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council recognise that Jewish Women’s Aid, as our community’s experts in this field, are the ideal organisation to lead the implementation of such measures. Jewish Women’s Aid is able to use and develop its expertise as specialists in the issues associated with harassment and abuse and in helping vulnerable members of the Jewish community to access the support they need and to give voice to their collective stories. Jewish Women’s Aid has its own established training programme which has provided numerous rabbis, rebbetzens and other professionals across the breadth of the community with the skills to identify domestic abuse in all its forms. 

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Chanukah in the Square, 12th December 2017


Chanukah in the Square is the biggest annual Chanukah celebration in the UK, and this year, the first night’s celebrations will take place on 12th December, from 5.30-7.30pm in Trafalgar Square. Organised by Chabad Lubavitch, the Jewish Leadership Council and the London Jewish Forum, and supported by the Mayor of London, it is a key event in the Mayoral and communal calendars.

This will be the tenth year the Menorah (the special 8 branched candelabra that is used on Chanukah) has been installed in Central London. It is one of the largest in the world due to its height, and will shine bright for the eight day duration of Chanukah, reminding the city of the miracle of the Festival of Light and the religious and cultural contribution of the Jewish community in the capital.

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The Full Balfour Centenary Lecture with Simon Schama


Official definition of antisemitism adopted by Stockport Council

Following consultation with the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC), Stockport Council has unanimously agreed to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism.

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WATCH: Prime Minister Theresa May & Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's full keynote speeches to the Balfour Centenary celebration at Lancaster House


Simon Schama’s Balfour Centenary Lecture hails Israel as the perfect “retort” to the Holocaust

Acclaimed historian and documentary maker Simon Schama has delivered the Balfour Centenary Lecture at the Royal Society. Closing the lecture, Schama celebrated Israel as a “living, breathing, thriving democracy” [sic] of “six-million Jews who are nothing short of a crushing retort to Hitler and the Shoah.”

The event was the centrepiece of the UK Jewish Community’s Balfour celebration which has included over 160 events up and down the UK.

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How to mark Balfour & why it is important


Reflections on Balfour from Rabbi Sacks


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Jewish Leadership Council Supports Jewish Legacy Awareness Month

The Jewish Leadership Council has confirmed that we will become a partner in supporting Jewish Legacy Awareness month.

Commenting on the new partnership, JLC Chief Executive Simon Johnson said;

"With so many charities in the Jewish community both UK and abroad now reliant on Gifts in wills to help them carry out their vital work, supporting JLG to help raise awareness seemed like a natural partnership for us. We are looking forward to helping JLG shine the light on the vital role Gifts in wills play whilst helping to make a difference to their 50 member charities."