Adam Science Foundation Leadership Programme 20th Anniversary

This year marks 20 years since the beginning of the Adam Science Foundation. The Foundation was created in memory of Adam Science, a young lay leader tragically killed in a car crash at the age of 27. Adam was already considering organising a lay leadership development programme and after he died, his family and friends created the Adam Science Foundation Leadership Programme to realise his vision.

The programme is targeted at young professionals in their mid 20s to early 30s who want to take a lay leadership role in the Jewish community.

In 1997 the ASF joined up with UJIA to run the programme. UJIA for 12 years supported, managed and nurtured the ASFLP with the ASF.

Since the creation of LEAD, Jewish Leadership Excellence and Development, in November 2011 as a project of the JLC, the ASFLP is now run by LEAD in partnership with the ASF with support from UJIA.

The ASFLP is a year long programme comprising monthly sessions, personal mentoring from key communal leaders, an international seminar in Boston and a group project. During and after the programme, participants are supported to find their role in a communal organisation or initiative.

220 people have graduated from the programme and many now play roles in organisations right across the community.

The 20th anniversary of the Foundation was celebrated at an event on June 12th at the Royal College of Physicians. The 250 attendees, family and friends of Adam Science, communal leaders and alumni of the programme heard a showcase of some of the alumni achievements from Ben Ullmann, Simi Ben Hur, Jonni Berger and Susannah Kintish, as well as a moving speech by Steven Lewis, Chair of Jewish Care on the impact of Adam Science in his life.

The 'Celebration of Leadership' was further enhanced by a conversation between Professor Ron Heifetz of Harvard University and the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, chaired by Carolyn Bogush, Chair of Limmud who graduated from the programme in 1995.

Austen Science, father of Adam spoke about the meaning of the programme to the family and Avi Goldberg, chair of Trustees, made the fundraising appeal. Certificates were presented by Nicky Goldman, LEAD DIrector, to Avi Goldberg, Ashley Summerfield and Anna Josse in recognition of their 20 years of commitment to the programme.

A publication of 20 leadership essays written by and for alumni was launched at the event, and can be found here.

Recruitment for the 20th year ASFLP group will open in August for the programme start in November 2012. For further details, please contact Sam Clifford in the LEAD office.