Amnesty International UK Open Letter

The Open Letter to Amnesty International UK has now been sent. 

Thank you very much for helping the Jewish Community send a strong message to AIUK.


Amnesty International UK have cancelled an event held by the Jewish Leadership Council due to take place on Wednesday 24th January, citing the reason that they do not think it appropriate to “host an event by an organisation that actively supports Israel’s settlements”.

In response to the cancellation of the event, we are asking supporters to sign our open letter to Amnesty International UK. The open letter will be sent to Amnesty International UK and sent to major national newspapers for publication.

You can find out more information and updates on our website here and the factual errors in their reasons here.


We are writing to express our extreme disappointment at your cancellation of the Jewish Leadership Council’s panel debate on Israel due to be held at the Amnesty International UK (AI UK) headquarters. The reasons stated for the cancellation of this event are problematic and unacceptable.

The belief that it is not appropriate for AI UK to “host an event by an organisation that actively supports Israel’s settlements” vindicates those who argue that there is a slippery slope from endorsing the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to discrimination of Jews.

The Jewish Leadership Council takes no set position on settlements. AI UK has maligned the Jewish community by making sweeping accusations and assumptions about its policies on Israel.

There have been a number of events previously held at the AI UK premises with speakers that hold problematic views. These speakers are seemingly not held to the same level of scrutiny as the Jewish community has been on this occasion.

We therefore ask that you issue a public apology to the Jewish community for your discrimination and openly share the criteria under which you made this decision.

We look forward to receiving your prompt response.