An Agenda for Ageing Well in the Jewish Community

Following a community consultation led by Jewish Care and ResponseAbility ‘An Agenda for Ageing well in the Jewish community’ was launched at a meeting at the House of Lords in March this year.

Recognising that Judaism teaches us to venerate our elders, and acknowledging that there are proportionately twice as many Jewish people over the age of 60 than our non-Jewish counterparts, this report highlights that community members feel that the majority of our energy and financial resources are directed towards young people.

Growing old is not about a specific age group but is more about how we feel connected and engaged throughout our lives. It is also not confined to the area of welfare. For those who do need welfare and support, in the main, we do this really well through established organisations such as Jewish Care and Nightingale. The majority of us though will not need welfare and our current provisions through synagogues and growing youth and environmental groups seems to have alienated a large number of our older members.

It is for this reason that we hope the agenda will springboard community discussion and debate, and effect real positive changes. We believe that by creating a strategic approach across Jewish communal organisations we will ensure that all members of the community can feel that, as they age, they are enabled and encouraged to flourish and participate to the best
of their physical and mental abilities.