An Update from the Yorkshire & East Coast - February 2018

JLC Yorkshire & East East regional manager Miki Vyse provides an update on the important political outreach and community co-ordination that has taken place recently and is continuing to move forward. 

Throughout Yorkshire and the East Coast, Miki has been working closely with the communities on a variety of different projects. She has been working closely with the community in Hull to find a solution to a lack of kosher food, both with the Leeds community and the local supermarkets in Hull.

Leeds was proud to host the launch of the Board of Deputies local government manifesto at a joint JLC, Board of Deputies and Leeds Jewish Representative Council event. The event was well attended by councils and local authorities across Yorkshire, enabling the beginning of what hopes to be some fruitful relationships. Councillors and leaders from 9 different councils attended the seminar which included panels on Education, Israel, Antisemitism and Social Care. Attendees included Susan Hinchliffe, Leader of Bradford City Council, James Lewis, Deputy Leader of Leeds City Council and Lord Mayor of York, Barbara Boyce. The day finished with a plenary by Fabian Hamilton MP (Leeds North East) and Alex Sobel MP (Leeds North West) discussing public life and Judaism. Following these relationships being built, I will introduce those cllr’s and their leaders to CST to enhance the work in the North West and give them the appropriate and relevant figures found in CST’s most recent report.

I helped across the region on various events for Holocaust Memorial Day and was honoured to attend a number across Yorkshire and develop the links to increase the attendance in the years to come.

As we approach Yom Ha’atzmaut, it has been my pleasure to work alongside the Leeds community on their committee to create an exciting and innovative event pulling from inspirational members of the community locally and nationally to celebrate 70 years of Israel.

I am continuing to meet with the region’s elected parliamentarians either in London or in the constituencies. We are connecting member organisations with relevant politicians and look forward to their guidance on key issues over the next few months.