A Report from AIPAC in Washington D.C. with JLC Chief Executive Simon Johnson


An Update from the Yorkshire & East Coast - February 2018

JLC Yorkshire & East East regional manager Miki Vyse provides an update on the important political outreach and community co-ordination that has taken place recently and is continuing to move forward. 

Throughout Yorkshire and the East Coast, Miki has been working closely with the communities on a variety of different projects. She has been working closely with the community in Hull to find a solution to a lack of kosher food, both with the Leeds community and the local supermarkets in Hull.

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An Update from the North West - February 2018

JLC North West regional manager Marc Levy provides an update on the important political outreach and community co-ordination that has taken place recently and is continuing to move forward. 

The past few months have been extremely busy, as I have been dashing around the country meeting the regions elected politicians.  It is now the case that I am regularly engaging with almost 80 MPs, from across the North West, Merseyside and North Wales.  For the first time, the MPs are enjoying having the option of meeting with the community in either London or their constituencies.  This flexibility is crucial due to each individual MP having their own preference around where is best to engage with the community.  Those holding Ministerial or Shadow Ministerial Briefs, Select Committee Chairs or the many Parliamentary Private Secretaries from the region tend to prefer meeting in the constituency.  This is due to the fact their time in Parliament is tied up with their important work.  That being said, several senior politicians on both sides of the House have still made time to engage with the JLC and our members in Westminster.  Backbench MPs whose focus is on their constituency casework may find it easier to find time in Westminster.

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Video Update from Simon Johnson - 28 February 2018


Q & A with Mark Cunningham - Chief Executive of The Fed

As part of our series of conversations with Chief Executive's of member bodies, we have asked Mark Cunningham, Chief Executive of The Fed in Manchester to answer this months Question and Answer blog.


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Jonathan Goldstein: Chair's Update February 2018

On behalf of everyone at the JLC, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the scores of people who, over the last few weeks, have sent messages of encouragement to both individuals and the JLC as a whole.  Your support has been hugely welcome and reinforces our resolve and belief that the JLC plays a fundamentally important role for British Jews – providing a cohesive, thoughtful and forceful voice with which to promote and protect everything for which we stand.

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Claudia Mendoza: I’m a ‘bad Jew’ – and it’s a label I wear with pride

Who is a good Jew is a question most people would understandably be nonplussed about. Some would be suspicious about the premise behind the thought. Others, rabbis perhaps, may well give a learned exposition about a righteous way of life and observance of the commandments.

But to the left-wing supposedly anti-racist types who usually raise it, there can only be a binary response and the idea of the “good” Jew is a very precise one.

Good Jews are anti-Zionist. Which leaves Zionists as the villain of the piece.

Just last week, former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway took to Twitter to call comedian David Baddiel “a vile Israel fanatic”.

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JLC support Head On: The Mental Health Awareness Shabbat


Simon Johnson and JLC support #WeRemember


Simon Johnson in the Jewish Telegraph: 1st December 2017

The Battle For Cultural Freedom

As a teenager in Bury in the 1980’s, it was almost obligatory to be a fan of The Smiths. From the moment that the first thrilling chords of “What Difference does it make” rolled across the school common room, I was a fan.  And if you were a fan of The Smiths, then you came to know well the idiosyncrasies and utterances of their lead singer, Morrissey.

Through his equally successful solo career after The Smiths, Morrissey has luxuriated in his idiosyncratic attitudes and contrary comments. Those of us who are fans are well used to these and take them with a grain of salt, as evidence of Morrissey’s individual world view.  In the last two weeks, though, his contrariness in relation to Israel has exposed him to the wrath of the “Boycotteers”- three ageing entertainers- Roger Waters, Brian Eno and Ken Loach- of whom, more later.

Morrissey, in recent years, has become a fan of Israel. He has played there a number of times and was shown enthusiastically performing whilst draped in an Israeli flag. It clearly had an impact on his creativity as two tracks on his new solo album are inspired by his experiences- They are called “Israel” and “The girl from Tel Aviv who would not kneel”. He has taken on the Boycotteers in the public arena, and stuck to his guns in playing in Israel.

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