Caroline Garfinkel

Caroline Garfinkel helps organise training and seminars for Headteachers and Governors. This includes the annual Heads residential seminar that takes place in November, governor workshop evenings each school term as well as annual induction training sessions for both state and independent schools.


She also manages two websites. Find a Jewish School lists Jewish nursery, primary and secondary schools and Caroline often receives questions from families abroad who are moving to the UK and have questions to ask about schools. The PaJeS website has a section for current vacancies in Jewish schools which gets updated almost every day, and is the most popular page on the PaJeS website.

Caroline has worked for Jewish communal organisations in London since 1995 when she moved down from Manchester. In 2008 she started working for the JLC’s Schools Strategy Implementation Group out of which PaJeS was formed in 2012.