Chair of Liberal Judaism Lucian Hudson Holds Talks With Prime Minister David Cameron

Lucian Hudson, Chair of Liberal Judaism, joined a delegation of leaders from community group, Citizens UK - of which Liberal Judaism in an active member – to hold talks with Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday 26 February.

Hudson, who was present in his capacity as Chair of the Milton Keynes Leadership Group of Citizens UK where he works as Director of Communication for the Open University, said:

The real strength of Citizens UK's work with faith communities is that the organisation engages not solely with the aim of interfaith dialogue - which can often involve the same individuals and groups talking to each other - but to drive social action.

As a result, faith communities are drawn to lobby ‘side by side’ to achieve common goals as in this case. Over time, diverse groups that might not otherwise ever encounter one another begin to identify shared values and beliefs.  This in turn becomes a source of strength and a means of enhancing social cohesion.

Hudson also praised the Prime Minister’s work in setting up the Holocaust Commission last year to identify the best ways to commemorate and educate about the events of seventy years ago.  He told David Cameron:

I congratulate you on your commitment to Holocaust education.  In particular, I welcome your acceptance of, and financial support for, the Commission’s recommendations to establish a new National Memorial and world-class Learning Centre to commemorate and educate about the Holocaust.

The Chair of Trustees, Jewish Leadership Council, Mick Davis, led the Holocaust Commission, which was tasked with establishing what more Britain must do to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust is preserved and that the lessons it teaches are never forgotten.

Lucian Hudson was a member of a two-dozen strong delegation from Citizens UK, which met with the Prime Minister to discuss a range of issues of concern to the social action organisation, which has been at the forefront of promoting the Living Wage.

Liberal Judaism was the first synagogal movement in the UK to receive official accreditation as a Living Wage employer and its communities, rabbis and members frequently lobby Government and others to pay a Living Wage.  In 2014, Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich, of Nottingham Liberal Synagogue led a Citizens’ team in successful negotiations with Nottingham City Council, which saw the council become a Living Wage employer.