Chair's Message: September 2012

As you may have read in the media over the summer, the JLC is supporting Professor Moty Cristal in taking legal action against Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust and UNISON. Our approach to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement in the UK has consistently been to expose its discriminatory agenda. Legal action is always a last resort. However in this instance we could not simply sit back and allow a public body and a union that has adopted policy hostile to Israel and its supporters, to commit a clear act of discrimination against an academic because he happens to an Israeli. We are pleased that the TUC has distanced itself from this action and hope that the Government will do the same.

The JLC is, at its core, a coalition of communal charities. It is very much the sum of its parts - we judge our success by the success of our members. Over the past year this newsletter has sought to update you on our efforts to secure and sustain the future of communal provision. I am heartened that a steady stream of communal organisations are now approaching us and asking to become more involved in the JLC. It is the best form of validation for our mission of deepening the links and improving efficiency across the architecture of our community. In that context I am delighted to welcome our newest constituent members, the Jewish Museum and the London Jewish Forum. The involvement of the Jewish Museum will add an important dimension to our engagement with the cultural sector – an area of provision that is of growing importance to younger members of the community. London Jewish Forum came into being as a result of a gap in provision identified by the JLC and Board of Deputies. It has grown into a model of best practice for engagement with local and regional matters. The inclusion of our new central education agency, PaJeS, around the main JLC table signifies that the Jewish school sector remains a key priority for the Council.

I wish you all a Shana Tova.