Commission For Provision For Young People In The Jewish Community

How can the UK Jewish community best use its resources to engage Jewish young people in a Jewish journey? This is the issue at the heart of the Commission, set up in April 2013 as a partnership between the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and UJIA. In order to answer this question, it undertook to map the current informal provision for young people in the UK, identify and reflect on existing strategy, policy and provision, and assess how that provision has changed in the past generation. Between April and August it has collected data via surveys of organisational representatives and young people, and interviews of professionals working in Jewish Youth provision, lay leaders, young people and their parents. So far, we have received more than 600 written responses and we have interviewed more than 100 individuals. We are building up a complex picture of a Jewish community characterised by variety and diversity, which we are now in the process of organising into a report, which will be drafted through the Autumn. If you are between the age of 11 and 26, or can pass this on to someone in that age group, we would still like to hear from you. Our Youth Survey is still live - just click here.