Commission on Funding of Care and Support

Chair of the Commission, Andrew Dilnot CBE, recently addressed Jewish communal leaders in the wake of the government’s announcement on funding reforms.

Economist Andrew Dilnot CBE recently addressed a packed audience of Jewish Communal leaders at Jewish Care's Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Campus, in his first address since the government’s announcement of funding reforms for care and support. Dilnot outlined the work he undertook as Chair of the Commission on Funding of Care and Support and the rationale behind the recommendations. He started by talking about the current system, being unfair and complicated and illustrated the inefficiency of government spending in this area. Graphs used indicated the massive disparity between health versus social care spending, referred to by Dilnot as ‘nuts’. Dilnot went on to talk about the options he considered during the review, acknowledging whilst an NHS for social care would be great it is unaffordable and wouldn’t last. With the current system being too risky for insurance companies and limited public spending available he focused his work on developing a partnership approach that could see the cost shared by both the state and individual and would take some of the risk away. He praised the government for taking this issue on board, whilst also acknowledging that the reforms weren’t perfect, (making reference to the high level set for the ‘cap’ for those paying for care). He also expressed disappointment in the delay for the implementation of the reforms (2017) but felt confident that whatever the outcome of the next general election the reforms will come into effect and that these changes would enable people to plan for their future;

The government proposals should alleviate fear enabling people to make adequate plans for funding their future care.

Simon Morris, Chief Executive of Jewish Care, thanked Dilnot for tackling this issue, commenting;

You have done a great job in getting the coalition government to take on board an issue that previous Governments have failed to address over the past 65 years.

Jewish Care is now working to understand how the changes will affect the community and what preparation is needed between now and the implementation of the proposals. We will be looking to work in partnership with other communal organisations to ensure we educate members of the community about these changes and their impact as well as ensuring we represent the community to the legislators who will be implementing the new system. We want to ensure that the financing of social care is clearer for us all.

If you or your communal organisation wants to talk further about social care funding and proposed changes please email Daniel Casson at [email protected].