Commission On Provision For Young People In The Jewish Community

The JLC and UJIA have today released the report of the Commission on Provision for Young People in the Jewish Community.

The Commission, which was chaired by Jeremy Isaacs, met between April 2013 and December 2013. The Commission set out to understand as a community how we are supporting our young people on their Jewish journeys. Focusing on Jewish identity, participation in the community, and engagement with Israel, the Commission explored opportunities and challenges facing young people today. The work was jointly commissioned by UJIA and the JLC, and led by Dr. Helena Miller, Director of Research, Evaluation and Community Israel Engagement at UJIA. The seventeen independent Commissioners came from across the community spectrum and offered a wide range of skills and experiences.

The Commission received submissions from over 700 young people from a wide range of stakeholder groups.  The Commission has made 15 recommendations covering  skills and resources, finance and funding, stakeholders, leadership, engagement and retention.

The Commission also recommended, at its’ closure, that an implementation group should be set up to take forward the recommendations within an agreed time frame.

The JLC and UJIA are delighted to announce today that Lord Jonathan Kestenbaum, Chief Operating Officer of RIT Capital Partners plc, has agreed to chair the implementation group.

The focus of the work of the implementation group will be to prioritise and set an timetable and framework to take forward the recommendations.

Jeremy Isaacs, Chair of the Commission, said

It has been a great honour to chair the Commission on Provision for Young People in the Jewish Community, jointly sponsored by the JLC and UJIA. For me, making sure that we are optimising our investment and ensuring that we have committed young people in our community is the best foundation for a strong Jewish community in the UK for the next generation. This report shows that, whilst we are doing a good job on many fronts, there is much room for improvement and the Commission has made recommendations to identify how we can do that.  I am delighted that Lord Kestenbaum has agreed to chair the Implementation Group.  It will benefit from his experience, enthusiasm, rigour and vision.

Lord Kestenbaum, Chair of the Implementation Group, said

I am pleased to be given the opportunity to take forward the recommendations of the Commission and to work with the JLC and UJIA to ensure that the Community benefits in the long term from the excellent work that the Commission has done. I commend Jeremy Isaacs and his colleagues for their excellent work.

Notes to Editors

  1. The 17 commissioners were

Kate Bearman

Richard Benson

Lauren Fried

Elliott Goldstein

Sarah Grabiner

Jeremy Isaacs

Louise Jacobs

Dr. David Janner-Klausner

David Kyte

Carly McKenzie

Dr. Helena Miller

Jeremy Newmark

Joshua Pomerance

Gila Sacks

Miles Webber

Michael Wegier

Jonny Wineberg

  1. The Executive Summary and Recommendations are attached to this release.
  2. The report will be available to download from the web sites of the JLC and UJIA and will be sent to all those who contributed.