Community CEO's Message to MP's Ahead of Parliament Vote on Palestine

The Chief Executives of the JLC, Board of Deputies, Zionist Federation and BICOM have sent a message to MP's ahead of a vote to be held in a backbench debate in Parliament today 13th October 2014. The call was published in a Letter to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph.

The published letter said the following.

SIR – We fully support a state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel, but   it is vital that this is achieved through negotiations and mutual agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

We urge MPs to ensure that the weight and authority of the Commons remains behind encouraging a negotiated and lasting peace, rather than supporting steps that might make peace more difficult to secure.

Alan Aziz Director, Zionist Federation

Simon Johnson Chief Executive, Jewish Leadership Council

Dermot Kehoe Chief Executive, BICOM

Gillian Merron Chief Executive, Board of Deputies of British Jews

The debate will be held in the House of Commons from 2pm.