Community Wide Consultative Exercise As Part of A Process Initiated By The Government of Israel

The JLC is conducting a community-wide consultative exercise as part of a process initiated by the Government of Israel.  Justice Minister Tzipi Livni has been tasked by Israel’s Prime Minister and Cabinet with preparing a consultative constitutional document with a view to establishing a formal state framework rooted in the ideal that that Israel is committed to operating as both a Jewish and Democratic State.

The Government of Israel has correctly recognised that this possible new ‘constitutional arrangement’ has potentially far-reaching ramifications for World Jewry.

The JLC has agreed to make every effort to collect and articulate the perspective of our community.  We recognise that there are likely to be a range of opinions and a plurality of views.  JLC will play an entirely facilitative role in this regard – reporting broad consensus where possible and reflecting the range of views where it is not.  It is our view that the process and conversation itself will be a valuable one for our community.

I invite members of the community to make written submissions (not exceeding two sides of A4) setting out their views on the following four central questions:

  1. What are the core Jewish values and expressions that Israel must insist on having?
  2. What are the core democratic values and expressions that Israel must insist on having?
  3. When Israel has to choose between “Jewish and Democratic” what principles should guide its actions.
  4. Should there be an explicit expression of the ‘special relationship’ between Israel and Diaspora Jews? What form might it take?

Responses should be sent to [email protected] by 6 February 2014.