Council of Membership

What does the Council of Membership do?

The Council of Membership is the top body of the JLC – it’s the ‘Council’ in ‘Jewish Leadership Council’.

The Council meets four times a year to discuss the strategic issues that affect the Jewish community in the UK, to approve any decisions made by the Trustees and to plan for the future.

The Council also elects the JLC’s Trustees and approves any new member organisations that join the JLC.

How are the members chosen?

Every JLC member organisation has one person on the Council of Membership. This is usually their most senior lay-leader (President, chair etc).

Every member organisation has its own procedures for choosing its senior lay-leaders. This means that the makeup of the Council of Membership is in the hands of the JLC’s member organisations.

The JLC’s Vice-Presidents cannot vote at Council of Membership meetings; only members who represent organisations are allowed to make decisions.

Who are they accountable to?

The members of the Council of Membership are accountable to the member organisation that nominated them. In this way, the JLC is accountable to all the major institutions of the British Jewish community.

Who are the current Council of Membership?




Mark Adlestone OBE

The Fed




Sarah Anticoni

Partnerships for Jewish Schools



Marie van der Zyl

Board of Deputies of British Jews



Sharon Bannister BEM

Manchester Jewish Representative Council



Adrian Cohen

London Jewish Forum



Paul Charney

Zionist Federation of Greater Britain & Ireland



Shirley Fenster

Masorti Judaism


Debra Fox

Lead Co-Chair


Philip Goldberg



Uri Goldberg

University Jewish Chaplaincy




Jonathan Goldstein


Chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council



Michael Goldstein

United Synagogue



Louise Hager

Chai Cancer Care

Josh Harendorf

Zionist Youth Council


Nigel Henry





Lisa Baker

Leeds Jewish Representative Council


 Hannah Rose


Lucian Hudson

Liberal Judaism

New_Logo_2017.jpg Louise_Jacobs.jpg

Louise Jacobs




Neville Kahn


Doug Krikler



Melvin Lawson

Nightingale Hammerson


Steven Lewis

Jewish Care

Laura Marks OBE

Mitzvah Day

Geoffrey Marx

Movement for Reform Judaism 



Edward Misrahi



Mark Morris

Work Avenue


 Marc Nohr




Michele Pollock

Wizo UK



Gerald Ronson CBE




Dan Rosenfield


World Jewish Relief



Julian Taylor

Camp Simcha



Miles Webber

Lead Co-Chair



Hilda Worth

Jewish Women's Aid



Rt Hon Lord Young of Graffham CH, DL

Jewish Museum



Michael Ziff

Maccabi GB

Sabah Zubaida

Spanish & Portuguese Congregation