Debbie Fox: JLC Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership Implementation Phase

Commission member and Vice-Chair of Jewish Care Debbie Fox outlines the Commission's implementation phase.

Implementation of the Commission's recommendations will start early in 2013. Published in "Inspiring Women Leaders" in July 2012, the report identified key areas for change. These fall mainly into two categories: supporting women with relevant skills to take up leadership roles in the community and secondly, working with our communal organisations to ensure they have policies and practices which are transparent in their recruitment and appointment processes and actively inclusive. To this end we are setting up two implementation groups, one on Personal Leadership Development (working closely with LEAD, the JVNTraine-Traide and others) and one on Governance and Organisation to set up the proposed Award for Change. In the spirit of our recommendations, we are inviting the community to nominate people for consideration for the two voluntary chair positions. They will be appointed by a panel early in 2013 and representatives of CWJL, will work with the appointed Chairs to recruit members to each implementation group. To support the work, a professional project coordinator will also be appointed and we are delighted that the JLC and the Board of Deputies have agreed to jointly fund this part time role. The project will therefore evolve into a truly community based initiative as we the move towards implementation nationally and across all sectors of Anglo Jewry. The vote by the United Synagogue to allow women to chair their synagogues is most welcome and the next step along the way to greater representation of women in leadership roles.