Dilnot Commission

The JLC helped co-ordinate communal input into the Dilnot Commission on Elderly Care. Here, Jewish Care's Daniel Casson examines the Government's recently published response to the commission's recommendations.

This government's response to the Dilnot Commission report, issued in July 2011, has run hot and cold. Initially, the report was welcomed, then shelved because of the cost. Recently a senior Whitehall source confirmed that the government was always planning to implement Dilnot's recommendations.

We understand this comment to refer in particular to the capping of individual lifetime social care contributions at between £35,000-£50,000 and to the introduction of separate hotel/accommodation costs of between £7,000-£10,000 per annum for which people will continue to be responsible, as they would if they remained at home. Whilst we welcome both proposals in principle and support the notion that everyone should contribute if they are able, we do not yet have sufficient information to understand the broader implications for organisations such as ours. At this stage we can only ask - how will this affect supply and demand in the self-funding care home market?

The aim for these arrangements to be in place for 2017 is disappointing and begs the question of whether another government will feel as apparently determined as the Coalition to press ahead with implementing these proposals.

So, whilst we welcome the government's acknowledgement that reform of long-term social care will need additional resource, it is early days. Inevitably, the devil is in the detail and that is yet to come.