Dr Helena Miller: JLC Commission on Provision for Young People in the Jewish Community

Dr Helena Miller, UJIA Director of Research & Education, provides an update on the first meeting on the JLC youth commission, a project run in partnership with UJIA.

On April 10th, UJIA trustee and JRJ Group partner Jeremy Isaacs chaired the first meeting of the JLC Commission on Jewish Youth. The twelve commissioners include Kate Bearman, senior advisor to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, and Elliott Goldstein, Trustee of Norwood, JW3 and the London School of Jewish Studies. This Commission, being delivered in partnership with UJIA, will consider the strategy and practice related to delivering provision to support young people in their identity development as Jews in the UK and with their engagement with Israel, and to be best placed to inform and shape communal strategy and policy in relation to young people. It will be informed by the wider educational, political and life choice issues facing young people. In the next few weeks we will be surveying a comprehensive list of organisations and groups to begin to map current informal provision for young people in the UK. This will help us identify and reflect on existing strategy, policy and provision, and to assess how that provision has changed over the past generation. Jeremy Newmark, Chief Executive of the JLC is excited by the potential of this project, “It is far too long since the community took a meaningful, holistic look at youth provision. This ‘once in a generation’ opportunity will allow us to ensure that investment is properly aligned with needs and demand.” The first phase of the project will take place from April to December 2013, at the end of which the findings will be published. For further details about the Commission and to see a complete list of commissioners, please click here.