Ella Rose & Maggie Suissa: What’s Been Happening On campus

The start of the university year has been hectic for UJS. September began with UJS’ Leadership and Political Training Summit, followed by #64daysoffreshers, with UJS staff visiting all the J-Socs around the country during their first week of term. This was quickly followed by our first careers event of the year, Succah in the City, which saw over 50 students to come together to hear from, and network with, a panel of highly successful Jewish lawyers. In addition, we hosted a reception to dedicate our meeting room to Alan Senitt. Alan was UJS Chairperson 2001-2003, an inspirational leader to UJS and many other Jewish organisations, who was tragically murdered in 2006. Naming our meeting room after him is just one small part that UJS plays in honouring his memory. Finally, UJS hosted over 150 students in London for Shabbat UK, with J-Socs around the countries getting involved and running cross-communal events throughout Shabbat.

Jewish students in Liverpool rallied to combat a BDS motion which had been tabled on their campus, convincingly proving to their fellow students that BDS was not a constructive dialogue for peace. This followed impressive student mobilisation to contest an insidious amendment at a meeting of the NUS National Executive Council, which would have denied Jewish students the right for them to define anti-Semitism. Dozens of student leaders instantly signed an open letter written by a J-Soc President, representing thousands of students between them, putting pressure on NEC to defend the rights of Jewish students. At the same meeting, students successfully lobbied for NUS to condemn National Action, a Neo-Nazi group, and to stop them from preaching hate on our campuses. Finally, Jewish students are gearing up for J.E.W. (Jewish Experience Week), which last year reached over 3000 students with J-Socs around the country explaining and showing how they are proud to be Jewish.