Enough is Enough: Call to Action against Antisemitism

In protest against Jeremy Corbyn’s systematic failure to understand and deal with antisemitism, Jewish community leaders will hand deliver a letter to tomorrow’s meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

The Jewish community has had enough of repeatedly witnessing and condemning instances of antisemitism in and around the Labour Party.

The latest example, concerning Jeremy Corbyn having previously supported a public mural, despite it being antisemitic, is yet another repeat of what we have seen so many times before. He never sees or understands the antisemitism, whether it is from overseas terrorist groups or local Facebook groups. Now, he belatedly acknowledges a mural was antisemitic. Like so much else in this area, it is far too little, far too late, with no serious attempt to understand or tackle the damage to Jews and the Labour Party. We will be gathering at 5.30pm tomorrow in Parliament Square to address concerned members of the Jewish community before making our way to the meeting of the PLP at 6pm.

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Notes to Editors


  1. In 2012, Jeremy Corbyn opposed the removal of a mural which he has since acknowledged as antisemitic. To date, he has not issued an apology. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/ukpolitics-43523445
  2. The Jewish Leadership Council is a Jewish charity which brings together the major British Jewish organisations to work for the good of the British Jewish community.
  3. The Board of Deputies of British Jews is the democratic and representative body for the UK’s Jewish community.