EqualiTeas launch this week

This year, there is a concerted effort to showcase Britain’s democratic ideals and remind everyone that it has been 100 years since some women were given the right to vote. The UK Parliament has devised a number of campaigns, events and publications available to the public which help us to really think about what it meant to be able to vote and what equality means to us today.

That’s why the JLC are partnering with Parliament on the EqualiTeas campaign, encouraging conversations about democracy and equality over a cup of tea.

The Jewish community in the UK have always had comparatively high levels of political participation. Our numbers exceed many other communities in voter turnout for elections. We are often, as a community, largely engaged with the political landscape and familiar with political developments.

This is exactly why we thought EqualiTeas would be the perfect campaign for us to take part in. We like tea, we like talking politics. So let’s get involved in this two-week national campaign to increase our conversations and awareness about equality, democracy and participation.

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