Exec's Summary: September 2012

It's been a memorable summer for the UK, and no less so for the Jewish community. Our engagement with the 2012 Olympics through the work of the Jewish Committee for the London Games was an example of communal coordination at its best. Thankfully the plans to respond to any attempts by the boycott movement to misuse the Olympics for their own purposes never had to be tested. The memorial ceremony for the murdered Munich 11, organised in full partnership with the Embassy of Israel and Israel's National Olympic Committee was a moving and memorable occasion. The attendance and involvement of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Mayor of London, Minister for the Middle East and German Foreign Minister conveyed an important message despite the intransigence of the IOC and their refusal to include a moment of remembrance in the main Olympic schedule.

As we approach Rosh Hashanah it is now one year since we launched this newsletter. Its intention was to explain, in greater detail than we had previously done, the work that the members of the JLC deliver in the community and to highlight the projects we support and invest in. We recently conducted a survey asking you what you think of the newsletter, its value and how it can be improved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded.

The message that we took away is that the overwhelming number of recipients thought there was a value in the newsletter and that it improved your understanding of what we do. There were a number of constructive comments about how the newsletter could be improved from design and layout through to the focus of the stories. These comments have been taken on board and we intend to make some changes in forthcoming editions.

I wish you and your family a k'tivah v'chatima tovah.