Fair Play Campaign Group Breakfast

Last month, the Fair Play Campaign Group hosted a fundraising breakfast for key stakeholders of the project. Fair Play is a cross-communal framework that was created in 2006 by the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council. It was established to coordinate communal activity in preventing boycotts of Israel and responses to all forms of anti-Zionist campaigning. Fair Play takes a sector-based approach to this work, developing partnerships with activists inside arenas targeted by hostile groups. By acting as a central coordinating body we are able to ensure that efforts and expertise are not duplicated, and where appropriate materials and responses are repurposed and adapted across the sectors.

Despite the clear intentions of the BDS movement, it has had no significant impact on Israel. Trade between Israel and the UK is at an all-time high and scientific and cultural ties continue to deepen. Consequently, whilst it is necessary for the UK Jewish community to have a robust response to BDS and anti-Zionist activity, it is important not to create a sense of panic or vulnerability.

Fair Play has become the central address for our communal response to the growing malicious influence of those at the heart of the assault upon Israel’s legitimacy in the UK.  It has also become our central knowledge base on BDS activity as it continuously adapts to the changing BDS movement.