Formal alliance between Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region and the Jewish Leadership Council announced

On the 16th May 2021, JLC Trustee Mark Adlestone OBE DL will become Chair of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region.

The appointment comes at an important time for the community with the Jewish Strategic Group – a group of organisations from across the community who have been meeting regularly during Covid-19 – formalised in July 2020. The Jewish Strategy Group is chaired by Mark Adlestone and co-ordinated by the JLC’s North West Regional Manager, Marc Levy.

In order to solidify the accomplishments of this group and enable the Representative Council to speak with a collective and legitimate voice, the Representative Council and Jewish Leadership Council will form an alliance. 

Mark Adlestone will oversee this transition with Marc Levy, with the support of the JLC’s Co-CEOs.  Marc Levy will be seconded to the Representative Council as Chief Executive Officer alongside his current role, where he will be able to utilise his extensive contacts both within the community and with various external stakeholders. The dynamic leadership brought about by the changes will enable both organisations to effectively represent the entire Greater Manchester Jewish community. 

Mark Adlestone OBE DL said:

“The Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region has a rich 102 year history. This is an exciting time for the representative structures of our community.  As chair of the Jewish Strategic Group, I have seen first-hand the unique collaboration between our communal bodies and partners from wider society.  This has created the perfect environment for me to assess how we recognise the potential of the Representative Council and review how it will evolve during my tenure.

“During the difficulties experienced during the pandemic, the JLC led on coordinating our internal communal response whilst magnifying our concerns directly with key decision makers across government.  It launched campaigns to provide financial assistance to those charities across the region who are tasked with supporting the vulnerable and needy in our community.  Recognising the integral role played by the JLC, I realise it is essential to establish an alliance between the two organisations.  This will ensure the Representative Council develops into an effective and authoritative voice for the entire Jewish community.

“I am delighted that Marc Levy has agreed to be seconded to the Representative Council as Chief Executive Officer.  His extensive contacts both within our community and externally with elected politicians from local and national government will be invaluable as we seek to implement our ambitious plans.”


Marc Levy, incoming Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Representative Council for Greater Manchester said:

“I am honoured and privileged to have been appointed as the inaugural Chief Executive of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region.  Having lived in Greater Manchester my whole life, I am humbled to be able to represent the community I am proud to be a part of.  I am also grateful to the Co-CEOs of the Jewish Leadership Council for allowing me this tremendous opportunity. Combining the two roles will enable me to use my contacts with local and national government to effectively advocate for our community. 

“This restructuring comes at an exciting time for the representative structures of Greater Manchester following on from the ground-breaking success of the Jewish Strategic Group.  I am excited to be working alongside Mark Adlestone OBE DL to implement an enterprising, dynamic and far reaching agenda designed to proactively represent our diverse community.”


Claudia Mendoza and Michelle Janes, Co-CEOs of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

“We are absolutely delighted to further support Greater Manchester through Marc taking on this role. Marc has always brought energy, passion and determination to his work and this move is a recognition of his ability and his drive. The dynamism we have seen during the pandemic has shown what is possible.”


Russell Conn, President of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region said:

“I am thrilled that Mark Adlestone will become Chair of the Representative Council following the AGM in May.  It is fantastic that someone with Mark’s experience and connections will proactively be building on our illustrious 101 year history.  As President, I can therefore say without hesitation that I look forward to working closely with Mark and that the Representative Council has an exciting future.

“The Representative Council has been central to the communal response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  I am absolutely delighted that our whole community has come together in such an effective manner.

“Central to this has been the work of the JLC who have been instrumental in our significant achievements.  As we move into a new chapter, I feel it is right and proper that an alliance between the two organisations is formally established.  This is merely recognising how the community is presently operating and will bring an added impetus to our development.  Our work over the last 12 months has showcased how the relationships on a local and national level held by the JLC have been utilised to discuss and resolve critically important issues.  Officially linking the two organisations will provide an obvious benefit not just to the Representative Council but our whole community.  We also look forward to maintaining our close relationship with the Board of Deputies.”