Hizballah Briefing

Bulgarian investigators have confirmed that two individuals with links to Hizballah were involved in the bus suicide bomb which killed five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver at Burgas airport on 18th July, 2012. The European Union has consistently refused to proscribe Hizballah as a terrorist organisation, but the group’s involvement in this suicide bombing, within an EU member state, shows the EU’s denials have been futile and self-defeating. In our recent meeting with the Prime Minister, we highlighted the problem of Hizballah’s freedom to operate around Europe, and the threat that it poses both to our own community and wider society. We specifically requested that the Government take a lead in lobbying for EU-wide proscription of Hizballah; and that it be banned in its entirety in the UK, which currently distinguishes between the so-called political and military wings of the organisation. The UK Government must take the lead in pressing the EU to ban Hizballah before it murders more people. Together with CST, we have produced a briefing highlighting our concerns with Hizballah which can be found here.