Jami is the mental health service for the Jewish Community. Jami’s focus is on recovery; moving from lack of control and autonomy to becoming an active member of the Jami, Jewish and wider community. Jami assists people on this journey, from enabling them to become an expert in their own self-care to being supported, where appropriate, back into education or employment. Jami works across the Jewish community, empowering people to focus on their future and put their lives before their diagnosis.

We can’t ignore mental health. Hardly a day goes by without there being a mental health story in the news. Statistics show that one in four British adults will experience a diagnosable mental health problem each year, meaning that we can’t take our mental wellbeing for granted.

Jami offers support from four locations across London and the South East. Services include:

Daily Living – Jami’s occupational therapists, social workers and peer support workers help clients manage their mental and physical health, daily routine and housing needs.

Social – Jami visits people in hospital, organises befriending for socially isolated individuals. Jami’s hubs run varied programmes throughout the week. Jami also offers support for carers of people with a mental illness.

Work and learning – Jami offers assistance with job searching or finding education opportunities as well as advice on how to manage the work-life balance. Jami also runs a social enterprise, offering volunteering and training opportunities to those looking to return to employment.

Head Room – the Jami Head Room team runs courses and seminars to educate the whole community about mental health, wellbeing and recovery. The team helps people with mental illness to develop the skills needed for living and working.

To give support, get support or get involved with Jami please visit www.jamiuk.org or call 020 8458 2223