Jewish Care


Jewish Care is Anglo Jewry’s largest communal organisation.  We will spend £46m this year providing social care and support services to the community and will need to raise £15m to help continue to provide our existing services.

We provide care and support to over 7,000 people every week, through 70 different services with the support of over 1,000 staff and 2,500 volunteers.  We offer the community a wide range of services, which interact together to form a safety net of care at times when they need support most.

Jewish Care is a unique organisation, providing a very wide range of services to meet a very diverse group of needs.  Over the course of our 150 year history, Jewish Care has been at the heart of the Jewish community in theUK, helping its most vulnerable members in a myriad of different ways.

Not only do we provide services that offer care to older people, people with mental health problems, dementia, adults with a physical or sensory disability and Holocaust survivors, but a vital part of our offering is the support and advice we give to carers’ of people who are looking after someone with an addiction, dementia, cancer, or a disability, as well as those with a mental health problem.  Our community support and social work teams offer a unique combination of a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, advice when things get complicated and advocacy when people feel they are not being heard.

Specifically the services we provide the community are:

  • 9 care homes for older people
  • 3 community centres (for those aged 3 months to 103!)
  • 3 day centres for older people
  • 4 one day a week day centres for the active elderly
  • 4 day centres specifically for people with dementia
  • A one number call centre (helpline) for all enquiries
  • Holocaust Survivors Centre
  • Carers’ support services for people caring for elderly, disabled, those with addictive disorders, dementia, cancer and mental health problems
  • Locally based home care service (north west& north eastLondon, Redbridge and Southend)
  • Social work service (coveringLondon, Redbridge, Southend,Brightonand Herts)
  • 3 wellbeing centres for people with mental health problems (which also offer specialist mental health social work, outreach and education support teams)
  • 2 residential homes for people with mental health problems
  • Support groups for people facing separation, bereavement and divorce
  • Services for adults with a physical or sensory disability, including a day centre, a residential home, talking books, two computer centres, a support group and Tay Sachs testing
  • MS and Stroke clubs

Jewish Care cares and supports:

  • Older people
  • People with mental health needs
  • Holocaust Survivors and refugees
  • People with dementia
  • People caring for others
  • People with physical and sensory disabilities
  • People who have suffered a bereavement or separation
  • People with MS or have had a stroke
  • Children and young people through leadership and activity programmes

Jewish Care believes that Jewish people should have access to specialist services that are designed to meet their needs. This is reflected in the care we provide, which recognises the traditions, beliefs and cultures which are frequently shared by Jewish people. We are guided by the Jewish values of warmth, kindness, honesty, respect and dignity.  Our clients’ emotional needs are just as important as their physical requirements and providing for their day to day needs is just the beginning.

We offer care in an environment that recognises and respects our clients’ Jewish identity. We celebrate Jewish festivals and make Shabbat, helping people feel safe and comfortable in a ‘heimische’ atmosphere, at a time when they may feel most vulnerable. We work right across the community and provide care regardless of the level or nature of an individual’s religious observance. In doing so, our care recognises people’s differences as well as their similarities.

The kinds of services that Jewish Care offers don’t have an alternative, especially not a Jewish alternative, in most cases.  Many of the services we offer do not exist elsewhere and many of the services we offer are not funded by central or local government.