Jewish Committee for the London Games

The Jewish Committee for the London Games (JCLG) is a partnership of Jewish communal organisations and has been working solidly over the last two years to ensure that our community can make the most of the Olympics and their legacy for Jewish London.

Maccabi GB are the proud holders of the Olympic Inspire mark, and responsible for pioneering projects to increase participation in sport amongst hard to reach communities. Working via UJIA and Maccabi, JCLG recently held the second of their Enable Events, aimed at engaging people with disabilities in sporting activities.

During the Olympics London will be the destination for hundreds of Israeli and Jewish athletes and thousands of Jews from across the world. JVN has risen to the challenge of providing hospitality and awareness of London’s Jewish social and cultural scene and with the launch of Visit Jewish London we now also have a central hub for Jewish tourist information that will provide a digital legacy well into the future.

The UJIA have developed educational resources to help inspire young people in schools and youth movements with the power of the Games, whilst JCLG Ambassadors, Jewish and Israeli athletes such as Josh West, British rowing silver medallist from the Beijing Games, Paralympian tennis player Boaz Kramer, and former British weightlifting captain Ben Helfgott, have been sharing their stories of sporting glory.

2012 will also mark the 40th anniversary of the Munich massacre. Alongside the Israeli Embassy and the Olympic Committee of Israel we will commemorate the lives of the 11 Israeli athletes and officials murdered by the terrorist group Black September in 1972 and ensure their memory and sacrifice are respected and remembered.

In the shadow of these painful memories, some may attempt to use the Games to mix politics with sport and in particular attempt to delegitimise and criticise Israel and to promote the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, and the JCLG is leading the effort to be prepared for this eventuality.