Jewish Communal Trustees Conference 2016

On Tuesday 28th June, Lead in partnership with the JVN will be hosting the annual Jewish Communal Trustees Conference.

Joined by the Chief Executive of Directory of Social Change Debra Allcock Tyler, participants will hear from an array of experts on an evening of learning and networking.

The following six workshops will be run during the evening, with each targeted at a specific group of trustees and CEOs to enable you to choose the best workshop for your needs:

  1. What You Need To Know: The Six Essential Duties of a Trustee –Target Group: New trustees
  2. Is Your Charity At Risk? - Target Group: Experienced trustees 
  3. Challenging The Status Quo: Towards Best Practice in Diversity and Governance - Target Group: Chairs, Vice Chairs & CEOs
  4. Give, Get or Get Out? What Are The Expectations and Obligations for Trustees of Jewish Organisations in Terms of Fundraising? –Target Group: All
  5. Getting to Grips With The Detail (Unsexy Subjects for Trustees) – Data Protection, Financial Management and Information Governance. - Target Group: All
  6. Lay Leaders and Professionals – Who is the Leader? - Target Group: All

You can read more about each workshop at

For all CEOs, there will be a special reception from 5-6pm before the start of the conference.

There are two methods of booking, please follow the link for your preference:

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