Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies Liaison Group Statement

At a meeting of the Board of Deputies/Jewish Leadership Council Liaison Group held this week, the Leaderships of both organisations reviewed the results of the independent consultation on a possible new unified Communal leadership body carried out on their behalf by Ruth Lesirge & Partners.

The two organisations are now assessing the results and will use the findings to assist the ongoing discussions between them which are being facilitated by Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC.

Having worked together in recent years on a number of joint projects including the Fair Play Campaign and Women in Jewish Leadership, the Board and the JLC will continue to work closely together on joint projects such as schools and education policy and countering threats to the legitimacy of the State of Israel.

Vivian Wineman, President of The Board of Deputies and Mick Davis, Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

Ruth Lesirge and partners have conducted a thorough and independent consultation process. We are reviewing the results and recommendations. In the meantime, the JLC and BOD are already working together much more closely on a day to day basis, most currently in relation to Israel, and we look forward to working on other joint projects.