Jewish Leadership Council Announces New Appointments

The JLC has today announced three new appointments to its central office, as part of its strategy to create communal capacity for strategic public policy outreach and to respond to today’s most important challenges whilst preparing for the future.

The new positions are:

  • Head of Campaigns - Judith Flacks

Judith is a former Communications Officer at BICOM and a former Campaigns Director at UJS

  • Head of Digital and Stakeholder Engagement - Adam Langleben

Adam previously acted as Head of Campaign Field Operations for Tessa Jowell’s London Mayoral Campaign

  • Public Affairs Manager - Russell Langer

Currently the UJS Campaign Director and will be taking up the vacant position of Public Affairs Manager in June.

The Head of Campaigns will focus on planning for campaigns and support other organisations with the commemoration of Cable Street and coordinating activity surrounding the centenary of the Balfour declaration.  The New Head of Digital will be tasked with creating and managing a world-class social media and campaigning resource for the entire community.

Simon Johnson, CEO of the JLC said:

This is a particularly important time for the Jewish community in the UK. The rise of antisemitism coupled with an aggressive BDS and delegitimisation movement means we need to ensure there is capacity to fight those who seek to undermine us. I am proud that we have been able to appoint three up and coming stars of our community to fill these roles. I am also proud that we have given a vote of confidence in UJS and those who have worked there. I hope these appointments, together with our investment in regional centres, will see our community continue to thrive for generations to come.

Following a period of consultation with relevant bodies, a new programme of investment will also see the recruitment of three External Affairs Managers based in Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester with appointments expected in the summer. The new External Affairs Managers will provide additional communal advocacy resource and will work very closely with local communal bodies.

Reacting to the announcement;

Paul Morron MBE, President of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council said:

The new JLC External Affairs Manager for Scotland, which will be based in Glasgow, will provide a key strategic role in support of the Jewish Community. The post will help the community by supporting its outward looking work to the wider community, both in civil society, political life and in support of Israel. It represents an important partnership with the JLC and provides the key piece of infrastructure for the community.

Simon Jackson, the President of the Leeds Jewish Representative Council said:

We were very much taken by the foresight of the JLC in the requirement to create regional positions.  I do not think I need to identify that whilst the Community is only relatively small comparative to London (c. 10,000) it does punch above its weight and already carries out a significant amount of activity. Having a dedicated specialist in this field, to work alongside the number of lay and professional leaders already touching upon this, will be extremely helpful and beneficial.

 Sharon Bannister, the President of the Manchester Representative Council said:

We strongly welcome this investment and practical help from the JLC. We were very pleased to have been properly consulted about the role. I look forward to working very closely with the individual.


Judith Flacks

Judith Flacks previously served at the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) as a Development Fieldworker and then as Campaigns Director. Following her tenure at UJS, she moved on to work for the Jewish Federation of Orange County, California as their Manager of Leadership Initiatives. Returning to the UK, Judith spent time working at the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) as their Press Officer, and has also recently been working in Parliament.

Adam Langleben

Adam, an experienced professional campaigner, is joining from specialist local government communications agency Cratus, before this he was Head of Campaign Field Operations for Tessa Jowell’s bid to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of London. He has previously worked at the London Assembly and has run several election campaigns.

Russell Langer

Russell graduated from the University of Sheffield with an MEng in aerospace engineering. Whilst at university he was president of the local Jewish society for two years. Upon completing his degree Russell joined the campaigns team of the Union of Jewish Students becoming their Campaigns Director in 2015.

About the JLC

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