Jewish Leadership Council Hires Director of External Affairs

The JLC has announced today the appointment of Bernard Hughes as the new Director of External Affairs. This appointment is part of a strategy the JLC is implementing to facilitate and strengthen the Jewish community’s ability to engage on social, political and policy matters.

Following a nationwide search that attracted a high calibre of applicants, the JLC has appointed Bernard Hughes who will undertake the role from the 4th January 2016.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in public affairs, Bernard brings a wealth of expertise to the role that crosses over multiple sectors, with an established and strong network in Whitehall.  Bernard’s career is comprised of numerous senior management positions that have seen him lead teams across professions and continents, including the first Head of Public Affairs for Tesco, Head of Public Affairs for Walmart and as a Director for Edelman. Bernard leaves his role as Director of Communications for the Green Deal Finance Company to join the Jewish Leadership Council.

Chairman of the JLC, Sir Mick Davis, said; 

Some time ago I set out certain measures that the JLC and its members will undertake to help the Jewish Community of Great Britain to be effective advocates for Israel and a just settlement with the Palestinian People. One of these actions was to build a capacity for public policy and interaction with the mainstream population of this country and facilitate the work of activists in both London and the regions. Central resource was promised and a key appointment is a Director of External Affairs. Bernard Hughes has a wealth of experience to bring to the table and it is a great pleasure to welcome him on board.

Chief Executive of the JLC, Simon Johnson, said;

This has been a thorough search, but I am delighted that Bernard has agreed to join us and help us to implement our new strategy. He will add considerable value to the community and his experience will help us with our objectives to protect the interests of British Jews today and ensure the vibrancy of the British Jewish community in the future.

Bernard Hughes said;

This position encompasses the role that I have been awaiting for over twenty years. I am deeply honoured to begin working with a community that I believe so strongly in and have continuously supported.