Jewish Leadership Council Proposes Appointment of New Trustees

On Wednesday 30th April 2014, The Board of Trustees of the Jewish Leadership Council (“JLC”) has, in terms of the Constitution of the JLC, proposed for formal ratification by the JLC Council of Membership the appointment of a new Board of Trustees. The number of Trustees may not exceed 12. Eight are elected by the Council of Members from nominations of eligible candidates. Any member of the Council of Members or existing Trustee may be nominated. In addition up to three trustees may be appointed to ensure that an appropriate blend of talent, diversity and experience is achieved. Finally the President of the Board of Deputies is ex-officio a member of the Board of Trustees.

The eight elected Trustees were elected by the Council of Membership from a list of 14 nominated candidates.

The following Trustees were elected:

Bill Benjamin, Adrian Cohen, Mick Davis, Steven Lewis, James Libson, Leo Noe, Stephen Pack and Gerald Ronson, CBE.

Ruth Green, Debbie Fox and Edward Misrahi have been appointed.

Vivian Wineman, ex-officio.

The Council of Members now has to formally ratify the new Board and a resolution to this effect has been circulated. The new Board will assume office immediately after the passing of the resolution which is expected by the end of this week. The first order of business of the new Board will be to elect its Chairman for its three year term of office.

Mick Davis, Chair of the outgoing Board of Trustees of the JLC, said:

I am delighted, today, to have sent to the Council of Membership the formal resolution for the appointment of a new Board of Trustees. This new Board will represent a further strengthening of the governance of the JLC, will broaden the experience and expertise available to us and bring the benefit of new leadership from a new generation of community leaders. At the same time, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to Sir Trevor Chinn, Poju Zabludowicz and Nigel Layton, who have stepped down from the Trustees, for their years of dedicated service to the JLC.


  1. The Jewish Leadership Council is an umbrella body for Jewish Community institutions. It currently has 27 member organisations, whose senior lay leader sits on the Council of Members. The Council elects a Board of Trustees. The JLC’s role is to address the strategic challenges of the community and to work in close partnership with its member organisations.
  2. The Council of Membership has been asked to approve a Written Ordinary Resolution appointing the Trustees, which resolution will be passed when approved by a majority of those entitled to vote and who vote.