Jewish Legacy Giving

The JLC is proud to endorse a cross-communal initiative on legacy giving

Legacy income is the single biggest source of unrestricted funds for charities today; in the Jewish community accounting for a significant proportion of annual donations to Jewish causes. As the value of legacies continues to increase (estimated at £80 million annually), its importance is indisputable to the charities which rely on this source to deliver services and plan ahead for future projects.

Remember a Charity has worked successfully in the wider community to grow the sector. Until now, a specific campaign aimed directly at the Jewish community, known for its incredible generosity, has not been in place.

Jewish Legacy Giving has been created to take advantage of the opportunity that exists to enhance legacy giving to all UK Jewish charities through the creation of an effective, integrated, co-ordinated and focussed awareness-raising campaign, directly targeting the Jewish community. Aiming to improve the community's understanding of the importance of legacy giving and tackling the barriers to giving, the initiative will supplement and enhance charity member's own legacy promotion initiatives, generating additional income.

The JLC has been involved in and supported these plans from the outset. We will be promoting the project in order to grow the legacy giving market and provide a vital source of income in these challenging times.

For more information, email [email protected]