Jewish Legacy Is Proving Its Worth

Barely two years after its launch, Jewish Legacy’s recent Market Research results have proved its worth.

Jewish Legacy is an extremely unique charity Campaign in that it is comprised of 50 different charities all working towards a common goal: to emphasise to the Jewish Community that legacies change lives.

According to its most recent Market Research results, the importance of legacy giving is more widely agreed now with an increase of 8% since last year.  Additionally, there has been a significant shift in awareness of the inheritance tax advantages of leaving a legacy (from 51%-61%).

Gina Ross, Chief Executive commented:

The results showed that the Campaign is working most effectively among weekly synagogue visitors. This is very significant and highlights the importance of our yearly Legacy Shabbat Campaign when we bring the message of legacy giving to each United, Reform and Liberal Community. This year it was held on 13th/ 14th March and as we hoped, it inspired debate and resulted in several email enquiries.

However, there is still work to do as according to the Market Research affordability and family commitments continue to be the key barriers to address. However as Jewish Legacy have always expressed on its website and in its adverts, a legacy can be as little as £100, your family can still be looked after and, at the same time, you can make a massive impact on the community and change lives today, tomorrow and thereafter.

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