Jewish Manifesto for Scotland Launched

The Jewish Community has launched its Manifesto for Scotland. The Jewish Manifesto for Scotland, prepared by the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and the Jewish Leadership Council, address the issues that concern Jewish citizens of Scotland.

The community's policy priorities are summarised in the "#TenCommitments" that the Jewish Community is asking candidates to support.  These include implementation of the Internationally recognised definition of antisemitism, ensuring faith and culturally sensitive provision of public services, and supporting anti-racist education.

The manifesto can be viewed here.

A spokesperson for the organisations said:

"The last year has been incredibly hard for everyone. As Scotland recovers and rebuilds from the pandemic, this Jewish Manifesto for Scotland provides future MSPs with a guide to how to support the Scottish Jewish community. We look forward to engaging and working with the new Scottish Parliament and Government on implementing our manifesto proposals, and we urge all candidates and elected representatives to endorse the principles summarised in the #tencommitments to help ensure that Scotland continues to be a great place to be Jewish. "

Alan Kay, Chair, The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

Paul Edlin, Chair, Glasgow Jewish Representative Council

Marie van der Zyl, President, Board of Deputies of British Jews

Jonathan Goldstein, Chair, Jewish Leadership Council