Jewish Volunteering Network Joins the JLC

The Jewish Leadership Council are delighted to welcome the Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN) as our latest member.

JVN are the primary national hub for volunteering opportunities across the Jewish community and in 2017 was awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

During the Covid-19 pandemic inquiries to JVN for volunteering opportunities in the Jewish community and wider society have significantly increased and the organisation has become central to the community’s response to the crisis.

JVN already have a relationship with the JLC through the joint Lead-JVN Annual Trustees Conference for leaders of Jewish charities and during the pandemic created a joint platform for furloughed staff from Jewish organisations to access volunteering opportunities. JVN Chief Executive Nicky Goldman was previously the Executive Director of Lead, the leadership development division of the JLC.

Michelle Janes, Joint Interim Chief Executive of the JLC said:

“Volunteering is essential to the success and sustainability of the Jewish community.  It is important that those who give their time and energy to our community through their volunteering have a voice and can be supported through JVN.  In line with the JLC’s renewed mission of connecting and coordinating the Jewish charitable sector, we are thrilled to welcome JVN to the JLC.”

Nicky Goldman, Chief Executive of the Jewish Volunteering Network said:

“We believe that volunteering changes lives, communities and society and everyone can be encouraged to do it. We look forward to working together with the JLC, expanding our reach across the community and continuing to create opportunities for volunteers.”