JLC and Board of Deputies Statement on Labour Party Roundtable

“The Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council have a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn and Jennie Formby on Tuesday 24th April, to discuss a set of specific actions, which we have already proposed and published, and which can help the Labour Party tackle its antisemitism problem.

After we have had our meeting with Mr Corbyn on 24th April, we will have seen whether he and the Labour Party have committed to taking the action we need against antisemitism.

We therefore see no reason for us to attend the “roundtable” meeting on the following day, which the Labour Party has arranged and which does not have an agenda for action. We urge other Jewish communal organisations to follow our lead, and to focus on how Mr Corbyn and Ms Formby respond to the concrete actions that we have proposed.

If the Labour Party is serious about tackling this problem, they will take up our suggested actions at the JLC and Board of Deputies’ meeting on April 24th. If they do not take them up, we will know they are not serious about tackling antisemitism.”