JLC Announces External Affairs Manager Roles in Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester

The JLC is recruiting three External Affairs Managers based in Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester to support the needs of the Jewish community in these important political hubs.

The newly-created roles will increase the JLC’s ability to provide practical advocacy support to communities in major Jewish centres and follows a period of consultation with local organisations including The Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, Leeds Jewish Representative Council, Manchester Representative Council and the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities. The new External Affairs Managers will provide additional communal advocacy resource as well as supporting local lay leaders.

With further investment to come, the JLC will initially appoint three Managers who will engage with political and civil society close to the proposed hubs. Manchester will cover major towns and cities in the North West, Leeds will cover Newcastle and Gateshead as well as other communities in Yorkshire.

In the coming months, the JLC’s support to the wider community will be further strengthened with the creation of two new roles at JLC’s head office. Judith Flacks has been recruited to the newly created role of Head of Campaigns and Adam Langleben will become Head of Digital and Stakeholder Engagement. Judith is former Communications Officer at BICOM and a former Campaigns Director at UJS whilst Adam has previously worked for Tessa Jowell’s London Mayoral Campaign as Head of Campaign Field Operations. Russell Langer, currently, UJS Campaign Director will be taking up the existing role of Public Affairs Manager in June.

Simon Johnson the CEO of the JLC said:

This is a particularly important time for the Jewish community in the UK. The rise of antisemitism coupled with an aggressive BDS and deligitimisation movement means we need to ensure there is capacity to fight those who seek to undermine us. The JLC’s investment in the regions has been warmly welcomed by communal bodies in each location.  These new positions will provide joined up thinking whilst supporting the local organisations who are working for the good of our community.

Paul Morron MBE, President of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council said:

The new JLC External Affairs Manager for Scotland, which will be based in Glasgow, will provide a key strategic role in support of the Jewish Community. The post will help the community by supporting its outward looking work to the wider community, both in civil society, political life and in support of Israel. It represents an important partnership with the JLC and provides the key piece of infrastructure for the community.

Simon Jackson, the President of the Leeds Jewish Representative Council said:

We were very much taken by the foresight of the JLC in the requirement to create regional positions.  I do not think I need to identify that whilst the Community is only relatively small comparative to London (c. 10,000) it does punch above its weight and already carries out a significant amount of activity. Having a dedicated specialist in this field, to work alongside the number of lay and professional leaders already touching upon this, will be extremely helpful and beneficial.

Sharon Bannister, the President of the Manchester Representative Council said:

We strongly welcome this investment and practical help from the JLC. We were very pleased to have been properly consulted about the role. I look forward to working very closely with the individual.

To view the job description please click here.