JLC at Limmud Festival 2018

Come and see the JLC at Limmud this year

JLC Chair, Jonathan Goldstein, will be at the following sessions:

Sunday 14.40, Orange 10: The future of the Jewish community

Jonathan Goldstein 

Jonathan Goldstein will be talking about the JLC plans for the future of the Jewish community including: antisemitism in the Labour Party, financial sustainability of the Jewish Community and welfare of the Jewish Community (social care and mental health).

Sunday 16.00, Red 1: Corbyn’s Labour and the American Democratic Party on Israel and the Jewish Community

On the panel: Andrew Gilbert  Ella Rose  Jonathan Goldstein  Kenneth Bob 

The British Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn has lost a lot of its Jewish support both around antisemitism and also as it has changed and continues to change its view of the Middle East - Israel/Palestine. Are there any similarities with trends in the Democrat Party in the USA? What are the influencing factors? Bibi? Trump? Internal? Campus? Ethnic?

Sunday 18.40, Orange 15: Wes Streeting of Ilford North - it used to be quite Jewish

On the panel: Marie van der Zyl  Jonathan Goldstein  Wes Streeting MP  Adrian Cohen  Daniel Carmel-Brown 

Wes is one of the lead voices supporting us but also is the MP for Ilford North which was once the heart of the Jewish community but today is over 50% Muslim, Hindu, Sikh. What can the Jewish community learn from interfaith, interethnic interactions.

Claudia Mendoza, Director of Policy and Public Affairs will be at the following sessions:

Monday 17.30, Orange 15: Antisemitism, Brexit, Corbyn: an ABC of UK Jewish public policy

On the panel: Claudia Mendoza  Philip Rosenberg 

The key public policy professionals from the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council look back on the main challenges facing the Jewish community in 2018 and look ahead to what to expect in 2019. They will be seeking your input in to how the community should respond to the key issues of the day.