JLC Expands Its Membership By Adding Two New Members

The Jewish Leadership Council has today announced the welcome addition of two new organisations to its Membership and as a result, two new members to its Council of Membership. Camp Simcha and University Jewish Chaplaincy were unanimously approved as members at the meeting of the JLC Council on 28th April 2014.

The Trustees and the Council had, in February 2014, approved a paper from the Chief Executive, Simon Johnson, to widen the membership in a small number of key areas of the community. The benefits of doing so are to give the JLC a wider representative voice to policy makers, particularly in the social care sector, and to strengthen the JLC’s effectiveness on campuses.

Camp Simcha exists in order to improve the quality of life for any Jewish family in the UK that has a child with a life threatening illness. As well as all kinds of paediatric cancers, Camp Simcha helps when a child has a wide range of genetic and degenerative conditions such as muscular dystrophy and dysautonomia, heart conditions and serious conditions in babies and children, for example. Camp Simcha currently supports over 600 children and parents in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Gateshead, and their services are available in Leeds, Birmingham and Liverpool. All Camp Simcha’s services are provided free of charge to families from all sectors of the Jewish community.

Camp Simcha will be represented on the Council of Membership by its Chairman, Julian Taylor. Julian joined the trustee board as Chairman in December 2012. He is the President of Kerem School, having been the Chairman from 1988 - 2003. He is also a former board member of Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue and past Chairman of their Building and Finance Committee.

University Jewish Chaplaincy was established 40 years ago and is a registered independent charity that exists solely to provide all Jewish students, irrespective of their background and affiliation, across the UK with Chaplains whilst they are at university.

University Jewish Chaplaincy will be represented on the Council of Membership by its Chairman, Uri Goldberg.

Vivian Wineman, Chairman of Council of Membership of the JLC commented:

I am delighted that the Council unanimously agreed to welcome Camp Simcha and University Jewish Chaplaincy to the membership of the JLC. Both organisations will greatly enhance our deliberations and enable us to be even more representative of the interests of the community. I am looking forward to working closely with both Julian and Uri in the Council of Membership.

Julian Taylor, Chair of Camp Simcha, commented:

We are very pleased that Camp Simcha is able to take it’s place with the other communal organisations at the JLC. We were pleased to see the issue of Social Care at the heart of the JLC’s strategic objectives. We look forward to ensuring that Camp Simcha’s voice and concerns are part of the JLC’s policy agenda and to assisting in representing the concerns of the wider social care sector to policy makers. We look forward to benefiting from discussing items of common concern in the community with my fellow members of the Council of Membership.

Uri Goldberg, Chairman of University Jewish Chaplaincy, commented:

We feel enormously privileged to be joining the JLC and to have a seat at the table alongside some of the premier communal organisations in Anglo Jewry. University Jewish Chaplaincy has been at the forefront of Jewish campus life, working with students and universities for more than 43 years, and we look forward to helping shape the future of Anglo Jewry. There is a vast amount of experience and expertise within the membership and leadership of the JLC which can help us grow and enhance every aspect of our organisation. That said, I do hope that we will be of use to the JLC too. We have been doing what we do for a very long time and have a wealth of experience working with, not only students and campuses but, as the only authorised body, with the universities too.