JLC Hosts Yuval Steinitz MK

Israel’s Minister for Intelligence, International Relations and Strategic Affairs, Yuval Steinitz MK met with leaders of the British Jewish community on Thursday, in a meeting hosted by the Jewish Leadership Council.

Steinitz was in the UK primarily to meet with UK Government officials to coordinate and share information on Iran post the presidential election. Steinitz stressed how preventing Iran from gaining nuclear capabilities is the number one issue for Israel at the moment, even though there are various other important items on the agenda. Steinitz was clear that this is a priority for not only Israel but for Europe and the United States as well.

On the new peace talks, Steinitz reaffirmed that the only pre-condition to the talks is that there are no preconditions; and that boarders will be decided in negotiations.

Jeremy Newmark, Chief Executive of the JLC said:

It was an honour to host Minister Steinitz who gave a thorough, up-to-date analysis on the election of Rowhani. It was refreshing to hear the Minister’s positive assessment of bilateral ties between  Israel and the UK on both the Iran issue and across a wide-array of other areas.