Joel Gleicher: Moving On, Thank You Lead

Joel Gleicher has just completed his role as Programme Manager (maternity cover) at Lead and writes his thoughts on Leadership.

Lead has recently celebrated their 3rd birthday and this allowed us to reflect on 3 years worth of achievements. I have been a part of the team for a year and couldn’t have been more proud to have been. At the end of a year with Lead I have learnt a lot. I have learnt about the community and the people in it, and myself as a leader.

I have been called a leader since I started volunteering at Redbridge Jewish Community Centre – Part of Jewish Care in 2002. In the last 4 years I ran after school clubs and holiday schemes and expanded the MIKE Leadership programme from 30 to 90 participants. For the last year I have been seconded to Lead, and as both positions come to an end I am grateful for all of the support given to me.

I believe the work that Lead is doing is extremely valuable for the community, not just in unique programming, but also advice for people requiring support through mentoring, coaching or consultancy.

Everyone can be a leader. 2014 was the year of the lay leader at Lead. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the teams working on Adam Science and GAMECHANGERS as well as organising the upcoming 2015 Trustee Event. We have achieved a lot in the last year and I will continue to be a big supporter of the work that Lead do.

At the Adam Science 2014 graduation I mentioned being taken from the ‘leadership wilderness’ and this year I have found my way. As I move on my journey to UJIA, I would like to end by thanking those who have made this possible – my managers at Jewish Care Richard Shone and Laurie Rosenberg as well also the whole Lead team; Nicky, Karen and Laurence as well as our incredible executives Nigel, Miles and Debbie.