Joint Statement on the attempted questioning of Tzipi Livni

Reacting to the reports that, over the weekend, Tzipi Livni had been summoned for questioning by the Police until intervention by the FCO, the Chief Executives of the Jewish Leadership Council, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Zionist Federation and We Believe in Israel made the following statement:

“Because of our successful campaign for changes to the universal jurisdiction laws in 2011, Ms Livni was not subject to arrest. However, the current situation remains unsatisfactory. It is unacceptable that democratically elected members of the Israeli Knesset should face such uncertainty when visiting the UK. The Government has always recognised that Israel has a responsibility to protect its citizens against terror and rocket attacks. The police should focus their attentions on the Hamas terrorists who carry out these war crimes, not on the democratic leaders defending their country"

Simon Johnson – Chief Executive, Jewish Leadership Council

Gillian Merron- Chief Executive, Board of Deputies of British Jews

Arieh Miller – Chief Executive, Zionist Federation

Luke Akehurst – Director, We Believe in Israel