Judith Flacks: JLC Refugee Campaign

The Jewish Leadership Council of Trustees recently voted in favour of calling on our member organisations to support local authorities and the national government to help the process of welcoming young refugees appropriately seeking refuge here. 

The Jewish Leadership Council believes that we have a duty to support efforts to welcome vulnerable child refugees affected by the current crisis, described as the worst refugee crisis since World War 2. We remember with gratitude the British government’s efforts between 1938-1940 to bring thousands of Jewish children fleeing Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport to the UK only achievable with the sponsorship of faith communities and individuals.

In the coming months, we will seek to work closely with World Jewish Relief, local authorities, national government and other faith groups to look at ways in which our community is able to support the integration of those child refugees who have lawfully arrived in the UK.

We ask that our community is supportive of the efforts to support refugees in the UK, including resettling child refugees, and that each of our members actively work to participate in schemes which strengthen these programmes.

Support the work that World Jewish Relief are doing:

World Jewish Relief works in Turkey and Greece supporting thousands of refugees fleeing persecution, including programmes to help children directly.


World Jewish Relief also runs a unique programme aiming to help 1,000 Syrian refugees to better integrate into British life over the next five years.


For more information on World Jewish Relief’s work with refugees in the UK, please email [email protected] or phone 020 8736 1250.


Support Refugees website:

You can find more ways to volunteer and find collection points across the UK here.

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