Keith Black

Keith is the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Regatta group of outdoor clothing companies based in Manchester, a family business which he joined in 1981 after taking a law degree at Southampton University.

He grew up in Manchester and in 2009 moved with his wife and 5 daughters to North London.

Keith has been involved in communal activities throughout his adult life. Spending many years working for UJIA, Keith helped found and run Mili young leadership and eventually became chair of the Main Manchester campaign. Keith then joined the UJIA national board and led the patrons campaign and chaired the annual dinner for several years before stepping down in 2016.

Keith has been heavily involved with CST for nearly 20 years, initially in Manchester and currently as a Main Board Trustee and he represent the CST on the Jewish Leadership Council Council of Members.

Outside of the Jewish World, Keith recently stepped down as a Trustee of the Manchester International Festival and is the Founder and Chair of the Unitas Onside Barnet youth Zone which opens this summer.

Keith is also on the International Board of the Peres Centre for Peace and Innovation and of The Institute for National Security Studies.