Labour Party Inquiry Into Antisemitism and Racism

Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, Simon Johnson, said:

We note the Labour Party inquiry headed by Shami Chakrabarti and involving Professor Feldman. We trust that the inquiry will expeditiously reach robust conclusions and make constructive recommendations to deal with antisemitism within the Party, which will be acted upon by the party leadership.

We do not believe the Labour Party is institutionally antisemitic or racist, and the Jewish community still has many friends within the party. Sadly there are individuals within the party whose views and statements are antisemitic and have really shocked us. In respect to the grossly offensive remarks by Ken Livingstone, we must allow the Labour Party to follow its internal procedures. We expect the outcome of the party’s disciplinary procedures to be made public.

The Jewish Leadership Council will continue to give very strong support to efforts by the Community Security Trust to combat this terrible issue.