Lead’s bespoke consultancy

"I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." - Ralph Nader

Lead is all about developing leaders.  We are inspired by working with groups and individuals at all levels of leadership in both their professional and lay roles in our community.  As well as our successful long term programmes, did you know we work with individuals and organisations on a more bespoke level too? 

Key to our consultancy offering is the bespoke way we can enable an organisation to focus on its challenges and equip its leaders to face them.  Our team has a wealth of experience across many areas of leadership development and is able to work with organisations to support and create programmes or standalone sessions that match the needs of teams and individuals.  We are passionate about enabling leaders to excel within their organisations and the wider community.

Recently we have been working with a group of middle leaders in a communal organisation on a Leadership Development Programme that tackles topics including Relationships, Communication and Goal Setting.  Participants have worked together and individually to address key issues in their teams and also reflect on their own practice and development.  The impact of this on not just the individuals but across the wider organisation has been very positive and has energised the leaders and their teams.

Bespoke programmes and sessions such as this allow time for participants to develop their skills in a supportive collegial environment and undoubtedly drive performance forward.  Working within and across organisations in this way can allow relationships to be formed and strengthened within an organisation which can enable colleagues to share problems and solve challenges more effectively.  It pushes teams to communicate more effectively and can ultimately lead to a happier and more enriching work environment through shared experiences.

Part of Lead’s bespoke consultancy is also about objectively feeding back to an organisation where they are open to this.  Sometimes it can take someone looking from the outside in to be able to see what can really be stopping progress or hindering development or results.  We hope to be able to strike the balance between listening and challenging organisations to think about different strategies they could employ when facing issues.  The wealth of experience in our team across many areas means we can draw on knowledge from across the community spectrum to do this.

As well as our bespoke consultancy offerings we’ve been delighted to begin the next stage of our Board Building Framework recently.  The consultancy session with a communal organisation who found the Core Competency Framework was a really useful start to their thinking around an effective and sustainable board.  The Board Building Framework is a joint initiative with the JVN and provides organisations with a range of simple, practical, best practice techniques and templates to develop their trustee recruitment, retention and effectiveness.

If you’d like to talk about developing a specific group of leaders within your organisation, or any other parts of our consultancy offering, please be in touch to talk about how Lead can work with you on this.  [email protected]