Lead's Mentoring Pilot for Women

On Thursday 7th February, the first recommendation from the JLC’s Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership was actioned by Lead. A Speed Mentoring Event was held, bringing together 10 potential women mentees and more than 15 mentors using speed dating as a fun and speedy way to bring the different groups together. Both mentors and mentees were self selected from the Open Meetings held during the Women’s Commission and via social networks. They make up a diverse group from the community with affiliation to Jewish CareLSJSCST, JW3 and many more organisations and initiatives. Debbie Fox, Vice Chair of Jewish Care and a CWJL commission member, said ‘there was a tremendous energy in the room and a real sense of value and endorsement that this leap has been taken.’ Laura Marks, Chair of the CWJL, said ‘the event was a really wonderful evening of speed mentor matching. I thought it sounded like such a fun and innovative way to launch the programme. We know that mentoring is a key tool in helping women up the ladder and I am delighted that the team at Lead have taken this on. The list of mentors and mentees was really inspiring.’ The Speed Mentoring Event launched the mentoring pilot for women which will see the mentoring relationship continuing for six months with Lead offering additional meetings, resources and support. Lead will also be continuing to offer people the opportunity to find a mentor within the community to help further their leadership.